Barbara Brann Teacher Professional Development Workshops

Educating educators about early literacy building blocks

Barbara shares her deep wisdom, experience and knowledge of early literacy building blocks in her professional development workshops. Barbara’s professional development sessions will give you a different perspective on learning and teaching and help every teacher – either in school or at home – to change their paradigms, in turn change their practice.

In New Zealand, Barbara is available for consulting and professional development sessions in New Zealand through Fiona Lilley at, covering a range of topics, including:

  • Literacy resources – The Magic Caterpillar Handwriting Process, The Brann Analysis Grid for Spelling, The Brann Analysis Grid for Reading and the Teacher Aide Handbook
  • The Magic Caterpillar’s Building Blocks to Literacy Framework
  • Using Building Blocks to Literacy with play based learning

Enquire now for any questions regarding teacher professional development.