Barbara Brann

Barbara Brann is a sought-after speaker who aims to educate the educators. With a passion for early literacy learning and as the creator of The Magic Caterpillar Handwriting Process, Barbara has huge value to offer teachers, parents, and school and literacy leaders.

With an entertaining and engaging style, and a genuine warmth and passion for her work, Barbara connects with audiences, making it possible to change paradigms and practice.

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Why Barbara Brann?

As a child who struggled with learning – and later working as a teacher herself – Barbara knows what it’s really like in the classroom. She is also able to draw on her unique experience of education, from the perspective of having filled principal and management roles. Her wisdom also encompasses rich life experience as a parent, grandparent, and great-grandparent.

Her approach to learning is truly unique. Based on a principle overlooked almost everywhere in our current paradigm of education, namely, that the child is at the centre of learning, Barbara will take your audience on a journey. Time and again she surprises audiences by the simplicity of her approach, which is changing the paradigm from what teachers ‘need’ to teach to what it is a child needs to learn.

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